How to Choose the Right Hair Extension


It is every woman’s wish to have neat, beautiful hair every day. Sometimes, managing the hair becomes a difficult task. For women who want to add a few inches to their hair, hair extension is the best option. While choosing the best hair extension, consider the following aspects:

The first important thing is to visit your hairdresser if you are a first timer and have no idea of the available extensions in the market. The hairdresser will be able to advise the best extension for your hair type, and shape of your head. Not all wigs and hair extensions match with all shapes of the head and face. For instance, a round face will require a different kind of hair extension or wig from an oval shape.

Consider the color of the extension at You will find all range of colors from blonde, brown, black, etc. Get an extension that will compliment with your natural color. If your hair has different shades of color probably due to coloring or dye, look for hair extension that has a blend of colors to match with your hair. Always look at the hair extension under natural light. Know the texture of your hair before buying the extension. Different hair extensions are suitable for various hair textures. For curly hair, it is best to go for a curly extension and a straight extension for straight hair.

Super Hair Factory Hair extensions are of different lengths, ranging from short, medium and long. If you like having long hair, choose long extension and short extension if you prefer short hair.  Try out several extensions before deciding which to pick. Most sellers will have a hairdresser at the beauty shop to help the buyers select the best extensions.

Only shop online when you are sure of what you want and have used before. Most of them cannot be exchanged once opened. Check the websites that provide as much information regarding the products as possible. Some have uploaded videos explaining how to fix and care for the hair extension.

Know the type of extension you need beforehand. There are clip-in extensions which are quick to fix and remove. They are the best for those special occasions and can be worn only when need be. Natural extensions look similar to natural hair and last longer. As compared to other types of extensions, they are costly. They can be treated with heat, straightened and styled.  Synthetic extensions, on the other hand, cannot be treated with heat.  Whatever extension you need for your hair, always buy from reputable stores to avoid permanent damage to your hair. Watch this video at for more facts about hair extensions.



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